Basic Table Calcs

04 Mar 2014, by Alexis Guinebertiere

This is a brief introduction to table calcs.

Getting Started With Quick Table Calcs

Go ahead and open Tableau, and use Superstore. Double click on Sales. Double click on Category. Sort descending. Click on the Sales pill, and choose Quick Table Calc, Running Total. Congratulations! You have created your first pareto chart:

Quick Table Calc

For more information on table calcs, I recommend Tableau’s very own on-demand videos.

Table Calcs Cheat Sheet

Now let’s dive into table calcs and how they are constructed with calculated fields.

Let’s take a simple measure, over a 8 periods. In the following, all table calcs are calculated from left to right, also known as computed using Table (Across). This is the default way to go through the data, although you can instruct Tableau to go through the data Table (Down) as well.

The first line shows our data with sum(measure), that is 2, 4, 7, 7, etc.

The following lines show some of the basic table calculations you can perform on this data. The first table calcs index(), size(), first() and last() do not use the data itself, they are simply returning information about the current location.

Basic Calcs


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